Megan Tripaldi

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 160

Voice: Mezzo


Rock Row Bar Patron Knack Factory


The Scarlet Letter: A Chamber Opera Rev, Dimmesdale Fringe PVD/td>
Forgotten Siren, Gone to Die Siren Fringe PVD
The Cursd Ariel Portfringe
Jerry Hofnagle’s Top Ten List Jerry CCT
Tin Types Theodore Roosevelt CCT
The Maine Dish Hoppy Belfast Maskers
The Adams Family, The Musical Gomez Belfast Maskers
Miracle on 34th Street Kris Kringle Belfast Maskers
And Then There Were None Rogers Belfast Maskers
You’re Good Man Charlie Brown Charlie Brown Liberal HS
Guys and Dolls Harry the Horse Rawlins HS
The Diary of Anne Frank Peter Van Daan Rawlins HS
You Can’t Take It With You Donald Rawlins HS

Special Skills

Roller skating, Barbershop singer (Bass), Speak Russian and some German, Accents: Irish, German, Russian, Certified Driver