Ann Tracy

Hair Color: Silver and Salt/Pepper

Eye Color: Blue/Grey

Height: 5’3″


1918 Ghoul Jeremy Kastan/Damnationland
sHerlock: The Web Series, “The Resident Patient” Mrs. Moffet
Neptune Francis Derek Kimball/Last House Productions
Bluebird Doreen’s friend Killer Films /Vacationland Films


Unum Elderly Mom Anna Grave´l Casting
Central Maine Healthcare” Retired Wife Baxter Advertising
Oxford Casino Excited Gambler Julie Reynolds/CD&M Communications
Longfellow’s Greenhouse Jeff Griffiths/WCSH 6
Maine Bureau of Highway Safety Confused Driver Nomad Productions

Special Skills

Commedia dell’Arte and mask, Shakespeare and classical verse, puppetry (Bunraku, shadow, hand, marionette), children’s theatre performance, theatre education, performance storytelling, stage management, accents/dialects and languages (8 years of French), horseback riding, ice skating, yoga, US passport and driver’s license.