Anna Gravél

Hair Color: Dark Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5’5″


Island Zero (Feature) Nina (supporting) Tess Gerritsen/Josh Gerritsen
Wayward Roads (Feature; in post) Doctor (supporting) Brother’s Brown/ Tadin Brown
Misandry (Short) Sophia (principle) Herf Derf Films/Tim Lazimov
Thwack (short) Wife Andrea Nilosek
Nevaeh (Feature; in post) Tina (Principle) TTD Productions/ Everett Bunker
P-Town Peeps (short) Summer Through the Door Productions
We Need to Talk (short) Julie (principle) Through the Door Productions
Trash Talk (short) Writer Through the Door Productions
Syrup (short) Woman (principle) TTD Productions/Damnationland
Dark Minds (Feature) Cult girl (supporting) Dibacco Films/Kevin Dibacco
ard Kill (web series) Agent Harris (principle) Bullethead Films
Good Bye (short) Casey (principle) SJCM Pictures/Sean Martin
BARDO (short) Anna (supporting) Man-Like-Machines


Atlantic Federal CU Customer (Featured) Storyboard/Allen Baldwin
Ted Berry Company Concerned Friend (Featured) Anchour /Jonathan Gilbert
LA Hearing Center Daughter (Featured) Anchour /Jonathan Gilbert
Berlin City Auto Customer (Featured) PatraCompany
VIP Tires Customer (Featured) Catama
Maine Wild Blueberry Cashier (Featured) Strongpaw Productions
Oxford Casino Guest (Featured) Sun and Moon Productions
Udi’s Gluten Free National Tour Anna Strongpaw Prod./Allen Baldwin
Northern Insurance Group Spokesperson/Consumer WGME News 13


University of Southern Maine Bachelors in Theater; Acting
Beyond the craft: Jim Jermanok Master Class: Steve Blackwood

Special Skills

Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano
Accents: NY, British, Southern
Instrument: Alto Saxophone, Some Guitar
Valid License: Standard/Automatic Transmission

Additionally, I can crochet a scarf, use a sewing machine and am pretty handy with a needle and thread.

I make a mean corn chowder, can whistle and give pretty great hugs.

Reels / Video