Ashley Jolly

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 135 lbs

Shirt: S

Dress: 3/4

Pants: 5

Shoe: 8

Pronouns: she/her

Music Videos

“Hypocrite” Spose Dancer/ Choreographer Josh Hand (Bird Theory Productions), Director
“Violet” Alex In… Female Lead Charles J. Films LLC, Director
“Broken Promises” DJ Musonda Supporting Female Charles J. Films LLC, Director
“Low” Sikko Female Lead, Dancer/ Choreographer Benjamin West, Director
“Ivory Havoc” RDNY Female Lead Charles J. Films LLC, Director
“Same Mistakes” Lane Female Lead, Dancer/ Choreographer Nick Vigue, Director
“Lost And Found” Brit Martin Dancer/ Choreographer Zach Greaton, Director

Short Films

“Syndrome” Clubgoer Ellis Ducharme, Director


“Awesome 80s Prom” Lead, Whitley Whitacker John Bryant
“Urinetown” Choreographer Presumpscot Stage
“9-5” Brenda Dancer Biddeford City Theatre


Centre of Movement School of Performing Arts 2004-2013

Special Skills

Trained in multiple styles of dance (ie heels, hip hop, tap, jazz)
Dance choreography
Skilled with aerial hammock apparatus