Cheryl Burchfield

Hair Color: Caramel/Light Brown

Eye Color: Dark Amber/Brown

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 112lbs

Top: 0/ XSP

Dress: 0/XSP

Pants: 0/XSP

Shoe: 6.5 / 7


LastPass Girl in park & dance club line Element
CT LOTTERY commercial in Foxwoods Dancer; restaurant patron; hotel resident Element
CT LOTTERY commercial The Waitress – featured (through Boston Casting)
Belk’s One Day Sale TV Commercial Principal Model – as shopper in two scenes through Carolina Talent


City on a Hill Chinatown Pedestrian Chinatown Pedestrian
Madam Secretary Season 6/Ep6 Korean Pop Fan/ NU Ming-Hee Fan Eye Productions, Inc.
Madam Secretary Season 6/Ep6 Korean Pop Fan/ NU Ming-Hee Fan Eye Productions, Inc.
Complaint-Free Bracelets Model of Complaint Free Bracelet Fox and Friends – on


Confess, Fletch (day 13 Upscale Neighborhood BG w/ Car Mirimax – Countess Productions, LLC
Confess, Fletch (day 12) Wife of Couple Upset/Bus Passenger Mirimax – Countess Productions, LLC
Shrine Nun in outdoor chapel Screen Gems
FREE Guy Pedestrian on Shubuya Street 20th Century Fox · Berlanti Productions
A Ring For Christmas Wedding Guest Couple Don E FauntLeroy
S.E.L.L.A.S. Kitchen Wealthy Dinner Guest Rise Celestial Studios
I Feel Pretty Asian Restaurant Patron in table beside Amy Schumer, and Girl walking in street behind Ms. Schumer Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein Directors
Stronger Alleyway Loiterer David Gordon Green was the Director
Matter of the Heart Beach visitor a German production


Liberty Mutual Colleague KonceptVR
Xfinity Web Video Principal role – as Business woman Comcast


The Crucible Girl witnessing witch flying in church UNC Pembroke production in year 2000
All Together Now! Beautiful City Solo, and various songs Windham Actors Guild


Kobe Japanese Steakhouse Charlotte, NC and others. KISS 95.1FM Charlotte, NC
Carmel Apartments Charlotte, NC
A local Zoo Mecklenburg County, NC
Deck DoctorsC Charlotte, N


UNC Charlotte University Chorale Dr. Nancy Volk
UNC Charlotte Vocal Pedagogy Dr. Nancy Volk
UNC Charlotte Class Voice Dr. Nancy Volk

Special Skills

Sing, compose, play piano/keyboard, modeling, acting
Languages: Filipino, French, Mandarin,
Accents: Asian, Australian, Boston, British, Canadian, French, Midwest, New England, New York, Puerto Rican, Russian, Scottish, Southern, Spanish