Edgar Daniel

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 225lbs


Visit Portland Tourist – Featured Knack Factory
Dodge Ram Driver/Forklift Operator The Richards Group, Inc.
SNHU Student/Construction worker Element Productions


Sellas Kitchen Gang member Independent Film, Ralph Anthony Celestin
American Hustle Gambler Columbia Pictures, David O. Russel
Bleed For This Corner man Verdi Productions, Ben Younger
Purge 3 Gangster Universal Pictures, James DeMonaco
Central Intelligence Reunion Guest Warner Bros., Rawson Marshall Thurber
The Equalizer Beach goer Columbia Pictures, Antoine Fuqua
Sex Tape Audience Columbia Pictures, Jake Kasdan
JOY Dancer Fox, David O. Russel


Blood Brothers Inmate German Miniseries
Odyssey Police Officer NBC, Peter Horton


Improv Asylum

Voice Over

SNHU Student Element Productions


The Gig a Short Film M. Lynda Robinson
Auditioning for Film & Television Dennis Staroselsky
Scene Study and Character Breakdown Fran Weinberg
Acting for the Camera Michael Fennimore

Special Skills

General Sports: Basketball, Billiards Player, Bodybuilding, Bowling, Boxin, Fishing, Hiking, Jogging, Jump Rope, Kick Boxing, Running, Snorkeler, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Weight Lifter

Stage Combat Training: Daggers, Handtohand, Staff, Swords

Military Training: ARMY Reserves

Lenguages: Spanish

Dialects: Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, New England/Boston, New York/Brooklyn, Puerto Rican, Russian, Southern, Spanish

Missellaneous Skills: Standin Experience, Telepromter, Video Games

Stunts: Prat Falls, Road Driving

General Wapons Training: Automatic Weapon, Handgun, Rifle

Driving Skills: 4WD, Precision Driver, Semitruck, Stick Shift, Forklift Operator