Hannah Daly

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5’4″


Maine Spirits Daughter Lone Spruce
Hasbro, “Sorry! Not Sorry!” Principal Cake Mix Studios
Hasbro “Don’t Lose Your Cool” Featured Cake Mix Studios
Hasbro “Lie Detector” Featured Cake Mix Studios
Ninja Foodi “Be Proud of What You Cook” Principal p3
Ninja Foodi “You Made It” Featured p3
Berlin City Auto Group “Perfect Timing” Principal PatraCompany
RI Lottery Featured Luminous Agency
Good Shepherd Food Bank “This is Maine” Featured p3

Commercials Voiceover

Maine Spirits “Summer Cocktail Pitcher Recipes Are Here” Voiceover Knack Factory
Maine Spirits “Pick a Pitcher, Any Pitcher” Voiceover Knack Factory
Town and Country Federal Credit Union “First” Voiceover Catama Productions


America’s Hidden Stories: Salem Witch Trials Featured (Voiceover) Smithsonian Network


Downeast Featured APS Films
Burning My Tongue Lead Animus Studios
Dreams in the Witch House (post-production) Lead Dir. Nicolas Thilo-McGovern
Sorry for Everything (post-production) Featured Mint Films, Dir. Ian Carlsen


A Christmas Carol Belle/Fred’s Wife Portland Stage, Dir. Anita Stewart
Our Town Emily Webb Theater at Monmouth, Dir. Davis Robinson
A Doll’s House Part 2 Emmy Good Theater
Three Sisters Irina Fenix Theatre
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Hermia Shakespeare’s Globe


Voice Malcolm Ingram, Holly Thuma, Andrew Wade, Louis Colaianni
Movement Felix Ivanov, Stephen Cross, Lauren Unbekant
Acting Rodney Scott Hudson, Rob Bundy, Ralph Zito
On Camera Tim Davis-Reed, Murray Woodfield
Audition David Caparelliotis, James Calleri

Special Skills

Singer, Dance Training (Modern, Jazz, Ballet), Ukulele, Strong Facility for Dialects, Maine Driver’s License, Teaching Artist.