Justin Thibault

Hair Color: Bald

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5’7″



Hotline Nate Hot Top Films


Confess, Fletch Bus Driver Countess/Miramax
undertaker Passenger Stories in Motion
Seeds Cult Member 4th. Street Productions
Higher Methods Guest IMFilmworks
A Life Not To Follow Tim Creepy Kid
Delusion Tommy Creepy Kid
Bent Michael Brooks Stories in Motion
Salvation Santo GR Films
The Cleaner Jilly GR Films
The Reaper Jackson Teddy Pryor
The Stranger Andrew Jeremy Arruda
Hand in Hand Mike Hat On Productions
Strawberry Lane Billy 508 Productions
Extraction Kori California Guthrie Roy Hartford
I Am A rain Dog James Creepy Kid Productions
Thankless Charlie Nihilist Media Productions
You Too Ricky Carlo Barbieri
The Dirty Burg Carlo John Papp
Rounds The Man Sam Alfred
The Loner Tommy Five Private Eye Films
Freelance Max Carlo Barbieri
The Night Train Marty Sam Alfred
The Elf on The Shelf Mr. Robbins Jeremy Weiner
Snapped Craig Jeremy Weiner
A Snitch in Time The Snitch Teddy Pryor
The Audition Trent Golden Age Productions
Visitant Sam Carlo Barbieri
The Package Milk Guy Teddy Pryor
Mr. Blue Mr. Blue Private Eyes Films
A Rock Feels No Pain Jimmy GR Films
Runaway Night Jonny Romeo Private Eyes Films
10:59 Slime Ball Eddy Private Eyes Films
Stay Inside, Michael Michael Jeremy Arruda
Insurgent Walen Church GR Films
New York Minute Detective Roberts GR Films


Fitchburg State University Acting for the Camera Richard McClevain
Mount Wachusett Acting Vaughn West

Special Skills