Kerry Ann Loomis

Hair color: Auburn

Eye color: Hazel

Height: 5’3

Weight: 130 lbs.


Title Role Production Company
Peppercorn Heart Minutechordian Club Member JM&AM Productions
C.I.A (Cirque Insider Access) Back Stage Tour Host Entertainment Benefits Group
Scream! Zombie Madame Tussauds
KA Gatekeeper MGM Grand/Cirque du Soleil
Star Trek: The Experience Back Stage Tour Host Paramount
Star Trek: The Experience Various Star Flee, Officers and Aliens Paramount


Title Role Production Company
The Girlhood of Shakespeare’s Women Ophelia Reed Whipple Cultural Center
Macbeth Witch Charleston Heights Arts Center
Cabaret Fraulein Kost Spring Mountain Ranch
Hair Mother/Tribe Spring Mountain Ranch
Scattered Kingdom (premier) Joyce Black Box Theater
Too Short a Season Doctor Black Box Theater
West (premier) Judy Bailey Theater Pearl/Lanie/Mikey
Are You Now or Have You Ever Been… Lillian Hellman Black Box Theater
Picnic Mrs. Potts Black Box Theater
Waiting for the Parade Marta Grant Hall Little Theater
Running To… (premier) Chris Black Box Theater
Disappearing in Nepal Rinpoche Grant Hall Little Theater
Immodest Acts (premier) Sister Benedetta Black Box Theater
One for the Road Gila Black Box Theater
Getting Out Arlie Black Box Theater

Special Skills

Stunt work (harness/manlift)
Special effects make up/prosthetics – application and long term wear