Hair Color: Dk. Brown

Eye Color: Amber

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 175 lbs

Shirt: Medium

Pants: 31 x 34

Shoe: 14

Pronouns: they/he


Power Rangers Unworthy: The Chrono Ranger Lead Jourdan Barnett/ Unworthy Productions
You & Me Lead Garbrielle Rossen/GR Films
Liberatas Lead Charlie Alejandro/ Bean Town Statie Productions
Sanctuary Lead Tommy Bo/Imagine your Image Productions
Lucielle Lead Kris Salvi/Private Eye Films
Get Together Lead David Modica/ Modica Productions
The Stem Lead Olry Morris /Or-Mo Productions
8mm Lead Nelson Reis/Vipex MGMT Productions
Nightwing Rebirth Lead Mavrick Vo/Street Nerd Productions
A Quiet Road Supporting Vega Montanez/Coin Theory Media
Umbra Supporting Marco Aguirre/Soul Prophet Productions
The King’s Gambit Supporting Marco Aguirre/Soul Prophet Productions
The King’s Gambit Supporting Sarah Angeloni/ SGA Productions
Eyes Supporting Seth Chitwood/Angel Woods Pictures
Nomads Supporting Justin Evers/Nomadic Productions
Bent Day Player Chris Esper/ Stories in Motion


Lawson (TV Pilot) Series Regular Jon Merz/Ten Twenty-One Studio
Pixelated (TV Pilot) Series Regular Derek Goulet/Parabolic Ent.
Dogs of War (TV Pilot) Series Regular Christopher Grace/PCY Productions
Evil Lives Here Season 4Ep.5 Co-Star JustinStanley/RedMarbleMedia
Heartsof New EnglandSeason1Ep.3 Co-Star Justin Fortin/Maine Event Films
NormativityEp.3(TV Pilot) Co-Star Katie Scardino/Normativity Productions

New Media

Power Rangers Unworthy Reoccurring Jourdan Barnett/Unworthy Productions
Spider-Man Monsters of Manhattan Reoccurring Brandon Melo/Genius Film Productions
The Web of Spider-man Reoccurring Brandon Melo/ Genius Film Productions
Kayleen Max (Web Series) Lead Karizma Rose/Breathing Again Productions
ROVW (Web Series) Reoccurring Seth Chitwood/ AngelWoods Pictures


Moby Dick Spanish Sailor Patricia Thomas/ Culture Park

Special Skills

Role Versatility, Improv, Weightlifting, Firearm Combat, Firearm Tricks, Experience in Prosthetics Make up and Costuming, Basic Background in Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do. Equestrian training, Basic Background in Parkour, Firearm Experience, Billiards, Bike Riding, Impersonations, Public Speaking, Gun spinning.

Dialects: Australian, Boston, British, Cajun, Cockney, French, Irish, Italian, New England, Romanian, Scottish, Standard American, U.S. Southern accent

Stage Combat: Hand to Hand, Short/Long Sword, Bo-Staff, Bow and Arrow, Assault Rifle, Pistols(singular/dual), Knives, Sniper Rifle.