Luis A. Del Valle III

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Dk. Browm

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 135 lbs


Defending Jacob Background Apple TV
Jungleland Background Jungleland, LLC
Bone Cold Background Dirigo Entertainment


Last Train To Nibroc Raleigh Deertrees Theatre
Around the World In 80 Days Passepartout Deertrees Theatre
Indoor/Outdoor Oscar Deertrees Theatre
Shipwrecked! Bruno Deertrees Theatre
Twelfth Night Feste University of Southern Maine
The Language Archive Resten USM
Importance of Being Earnest Lane/Merriman USM
Our Town Simon Stimson USM
Under Milkwood Organ Morgan USM
Dance USM Dancer USM
Molded By The Flow Ensemble USM


Stage Movement Dana Legawiec – USM
Stage Voice Sara Valentine – USM
Practicum in Stagecraft Perry Fertig – USM
Practicum in Lighting Shannon Zurra – USM
Practicum in Costuming Anna Grywalski
Jazz, Swing, Ballroom, Contemporary, Tango Maria Tzianabos – USM
Tango, Swing, Popping, Hip-Hop, Pasodoble, Waltz, and select traditional dances from Africa, China, Russia, Sweden, and Brazil Gina Gatani – USM

Special Skills

Communicating, Listening, Adaptability, Time Management, and Decision Making