Miranda Rayne Torrey

Hair Color: Dk. Reddish Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 4′ 10″

Weight: 90 lbs


MAine Health 2021
Susan G Kolmen Advertisement 2017


Channel 8 News CommUNITY Champion with Steven Minich 2021
CBS News Joy of Sharing 2015


Annie Jr. Lead Ensemble Lisbon Performing Arts
Secret Graden Principal
Studio 48


Ember an Origin Story Lead 2021


PIA Professional Image Associates
Clickcon Model Training


National Campeign, Crown Cares Model
National Campeign, American Women of Service Model
Class for world renowned photographer Roberto Valenzuela Model
Adorama Top Photographer with Nigel Barker Model
De Lauraine Designs Model
Camilla Couture Model
Little Royals Model
Wanda Beauchamp Model
Love Baby J Model NY Fashion Week
David Bridal Model NY Fashion Week
Mazie & Ivie Model NY Fashion Week
Shutterfest Conference 2016-2019 Model

Public Speaking

We Believe 2020 Speaker New Brunswick, Canada

Special Skills

Instruments: ukulele (beginner)
Dance: hip-hop, contemporary
Sports: cheerleading, tumbling, martial arts, cross county
Other activites; skateboarding, bike riding, making earrings, collecting crystals, drawing, interior design, volunteering, jump park acrobatics, crafts, art
Other: imitate multiple animals sounds, wiggle my ears, (she actually has control over many of her facial muscles), vocal interpreter (she can change her voice easily and even do a few imitations), clothing designer, founder of Kid’s Speak @kidsz_speak