Molly Bryant Roberts

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 125 lbs


Mr. Barrington Nun Honeytree Films
The Dark Sarah Emptyhouse Films
Move Your Face Face Dancer Urban Neo
2 Sarah Emptyhouse Films


Berlin City Auto Mother
Peak’s Organic Ale Lover


Circle Mirror Transformation Teresa
After the Fall Maggie
A Nervous Smile Nic
Hamlet Ophelia
The IT Girl Adella VanNorman
The Wake of Jamie Foster Katty Foster
Nunsense, Nunsense II Sr. Robert Anne
Little Egypt Bernadette
Always, Patsy Cline Louise
Eleemosynary Echo
Something’s Afoot Lettie
Wonder of the World Lois Coleman
Man of La Mancha Antonia
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Peter Quince
The World Goes ‘Round Woman 3
Adrift in Macao Antonia
Macbeth Witch
Silence Silence
Twelfth Night Viola
Richard III Lady Anne

Special Skills

Soprano, Some tap, jazz, modern, swing, ballroom