Hair Color: Dk. Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 127 lbs

Shirt: XS/S/2

Pants: 2

Shoe: 7/7.5

Pronouns: she/her


Love Language Elise Hey! Party People
Quarantine 2038 Destiny McGonigle Broken Arts Entertainment
Eleven Days Jeri Broken Arts Entertainment


Good Morning Maine Weekender News WGME


The Armature Apartments Model Longfellow Communications


Sketch comedy multiple roles Hey! Party People
The Boring Boring Company Cummings Business Pants Corporate Theater
Sketch comedy multiple roles Chamber of Comedy
On the Air! Live Radio Show Laurali Rivers Balderdash Academy
Who Killed Jolly Roger Bonny Captain Bonnie Bellamy Sleuth’s Mystery Entertainment
Mystery at Upton House Charlee Weeks Sleuth’s Mystery Entertainment
Last Days of Radio Ruby Sleuth’s Mystery Entertainment
I Love You to Death Iva Delaney Sleuth’s Mystery Entertainment
Trouble in Deadwood Catastrophe Jones Sleuth’s Mystery Entertainment

Voice Over

Teacher’s Lounge multiple roles Balderdash Academy
Corporate Theater multiple roles Business Pants
Frank & Beans series Beans Balderdash Academy
Van Diamond: Private Dick Olivia Balderdash Academy
Treasure Hunter Archie Balderdash Academy
Scamps McGee: Hobo With a Heart of Gold Bindle Balderdash Academy
Queen of the Night Greta Von Ghou Victoria Slaughter and Grandmother Slaughter Balderdash Academy
Underworld of Penny Dreadful Poe and Tommy Balderdash Academy
The Rocky Coast Griswold Truesdale Balderdash Academy

Live Events

Maine’s Got Talent, host (9 years) Host Sandcastle Clinical and Educational Services
Celebrity Waiter Dinner, waiter (5 years) Host Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services
Improv core member You Should Smile More
Improv core member Balderdash Academy
Lewiston Auburn Film Festival Host/emcee LAFF

Radio Broadcasting

WCYY Weekender News Townsquare Media
WHOM Morning Radio Host Townsquare Media


Acting Champlain College
Theatrics Morning Radio Host Townsquare Media
Runway Boston Modeling and Talent
On-camera acting Maine Models and Talent

Special Skills

·       Physical comedy, clowning, great with kids and animals, modeling, running, expert alpine and Nordic skier, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking/canoeing, cooking, sewing, yoga, soccer, can raise just one eyebrow, never afraid to dance and/or try something new, mom.

·       Valid passport, will travel. Valid Maine Driver’s license, can drive automatic and manual stick shift. Valid motorcycle license. Can drive a boat.

·       Dialects/Accents: US Southern dialect, New England regional, Boston, New York, Maine; British standard, cockney, aristocratic; general Irish, pirate, character voices.

·       Technical: script writing, directing, interviewing, scouting, general copywriting, marketing, costume and set design