Nathan Speckman

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 150 lbs


Broke AF Aleister/Lead B-Side/Omni-Motion, Maurice Proffit
Tongue Tied Paul/Lead Bonfire Films, Corey Norman
Departure Man/Lead Evlas Entertainment, Nick Salve
Finesse: A Bridge Story Dave Deadington/Supporting MTWTFSS Theatre, Philip Hobby
Handful of Romance Jake/Lead SCJM Productions, Sean Martin
For the Love of Michael York Charles Hunt/Lead WEST Films, Philip Hobby


Akorda Lawyer Dirigo Collective
Bath Savings Institute Banker Nomad Pictures


Death of a Salesman Stanley (Biff U/S) Redtwist Theatre Company, Steve Scott
30 Year Gap Chirs Public House Theatre, Stuart Scotten
Incident at Vichy Prisoner (Lebeau U/S) Redtwist Theatre Company, Ian Frank
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar Bare Bard, Carmen Mandley
Seminar Douglas Player’s Ring of Portsmouth, Todd Hunter
A View From the Bridge Rodolpho Mad Horse Theatre Company, Chris Price
Comedy of Errors D. of Ephesus Seven Stages Shakespeare Co., Kevin Condardo
Orphans Treat Mad Horse Theatre Company, Chris Horton
The School For Lies Philinte Mad Horse Theatre Company, Christine Marshall
Titus Andronicus Quintus Mad Horse Theatre Company, Stacey Koloski
SEX aka Wieners and Boobs (Various) MTWTFSS Theatre Company, Johnny Speckman
Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll (Various) Mad Horse Theatre Company, Nicole Castro
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Demetrius Portland Players, Stacey Koloski
The Lieutenant of Inishmore Brendan Mad Horse Theatre Company, Christine Marshall
Spring Awakening Melchior Mad Horse Theatre Company, Christine Marshall
Love’s Labour’s Lost Sir Nathaniel Fenix Theatre Company, Sally Wood
Six Degrees of Separation Ben Mad Horse Theatre Company, Peter Brown
Twelfth Night Curio Fenix Theatre Company, Bryant Mason


GAMADIN Ensemble AudioComics Company, William Dufris
Locke & Key Ensemble FinalRune Productions, Fred Greenhalgh
The Cleansed Various FinalRune Productions, Fred Greenhalgh
D-Day in HD Pvt. Peter Thomas Lone Wolf, Casey Turner


B.A. Theater University of Southern Maine, 2009

Special Skills

Rapid growth of facial hair, twin brother, can raise one eyebrow at a time. Current Driver’s License & Valid US Passport. Licensed Professional Wrestling Referee.