Nathaniel Igoe

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dk. Brown

Height: 5’10”


Almost Maine Pete/Phil Saugus High School
Hairspray Seaweed SHS
Jungle Book Shere Khan SHS
Christmas Show Adam/Drummer Boy Community Church
Shrek the Musical Donkey SHS
The Giver The Father SHS
Rent Roger SHS
Alice Dormouse SHS
Beauty and the Beast the Musical Beast SHS
Witchery the Musical Turkey, Jack o Lantern, Warlock Lord, Star dancer Salem YMCA/Ames Hall


Advance Acting Studio Advance Acting Class Honors
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Saugus High School
Improvistation Classes SHS
Technical Theater SHS
Introduction to Theatre SHS
Dance Class North Community Vineyard Church/BeatConnexions

Special Skills

Accents: British, Southern, Vocal percussion, Freestyle dance, Stage combat, Voice impressions, Lighting/Crew, Freestyle sketching, Singing/Rap