Nolan Ellsworth

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 135 lbs


Illustrated Monsters Promo Featured Illustration Institute
Hasbro “Lie Detector Game” Featured Hasbro, Inc.


Selkie Fisherman Erica Murphy, PortFringe 2021
Der Gates-Clan Bill Gates Jynx Productions
Genesis 23 Abe Stacey Koloski, Damnationland 2019


Twelfth Night Sir Andrew Fenix Theatre Co. / dir. Peter Brown
Mouse on the Move Emilio Mouse Children’s Museum & Theater of Maine / dir. Reba Askari
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Bottom Threadbare Theatre Workshop / dir. Kate Russell
Macbeth Macduff/Witch/Fleance Portland Stage / dir. Hannah Cordes
Fafalo! Yungio/Puppeteer Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble/dir. Stephen Legawiec
The Mother Son Dramatic Repertory Co./dir. Lisa Muller-Jones
The Songbird Bobby STAGES Youth Theater / dir. Hannah Cordes
Aardvark Boat Tours! Dave PortFringe 2019 /dir. self & Jared Mongeau
As You Like It Orlando Portland Stage/ dir. Hannah Cordes
Eurydice Orpheus Fenix Theatre Co./dir. Hannah Cordes
The Cardboard Boat Leo/Swordfish STAGES Youth Theater/dir. Ian Carlsen
It’s A Wonderful Life Ensemble Portland Stage/dir. Anita Stewart


THE MOTHER Audio Play Son Dagaz Media
Hot Dog, Book 4: Game Time! Ensemble Scholastic Audio

Special Skills

Cartooning/Drawing; Education/Childcare; Maine accent; Juggling; Maine Driver’s License