Philip Hobby

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 145 lbs

Film & TV

America’s Hidden Stories: Southern Women, Union Spies Union Soldier Smithsonian Channel
16th Maine at Gettysburg Col. Charles Tilden Maine Public Broadcasting, dir. Daniel Lambert
Be Kind, Don’t Rewind Joel Versicolor Films, dir. Aaron Compagna
…After Time 20’s chap, various MTWTFSS, wr/dir. Philip Hobby
Finesse 2nd Dead Body MTWTFSS, wr/dir. Philip Hobby
Vigilance Carl Walters Gothninja Ltd., dir. Sean Martin
Time and Redemption Lloyd (lead) Maine Studios, dir. Sean Martin
Hearts Ajar Bobby Gothninja Ltd., dir. Charlie Simmons
Night Work Cass (lead) Backroom Productions, dir. Sam Rappaport


The X-Files: Cold Cases Bill Mulder Dagaz Media/, dir. William Dufris
Locke and Key (Audie Award Finalist) Mark Cho Dagaz Media/, dir. William Dufris
The Starling Project (Audie Award) Luke (lead) Final Rune, dir. Frederick Greehalgh
The Cleansed (3 Seasons) Luke (lead) Final Rune/Minds Eye, dir. Frederick Greehalgh
The Troll of Stony Brook Jamie (lead) Final Rune, dir. Frederick Greehalgh
Open Season – Pilot Katz, Gould Final Rune/Vermont Audio, dir. Frederick Greehalgh
Three Skeleton Key Auguste (lead) Final Rune/Mad Horse, dir. Frederick Greehalgh
Sorry, Wrong Number The Killer Final Rune/Mad Horse, dir. Frederick Greehalgh
Waiting for a Window (Gold Ogle Award) Luke (lead) Final Rune, dir. Frederick Greehalgh
Dark Passenger Matt Final Rune, dir. Frederick Greehalgh
Fall of the Hero Sir Grace Final Rune, dir. Frederick Greehalgh


Popcorn Falls Mayor Trundle, var. The Good Theatre, dir. Steve Underwood
The Mousetrap Sgt. Trotter Lyric Music Theatre, dir. John Blanchette
The Foreigner Charlie Baker Lyric Music Theatre, dir. Janie Downie
Nice Work If You Can Get It Jimmy Winter Lyric Music Theatre, dir. Joe Swenson
Noises Off Garry/Roger Portland Players, dir. Kristen Peters
Radio III-VI Abbot and Costello at once, Fred Allen, Ray Goulding (impressions) Freeport Community Players, dir. John Albright
Speech and Debate Howie Space Gallery, dir. Sean Mewshaw
Making a Scene Harry Portland Stage, dir. Grace Overbeke
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Hysterium Freeport Community Players, dir. Jaclyn Marshall

Writing, Directing, and Improv

Teachers Lounge Mafia Improv Actor
Turkey Club Improv Actor; founding member
Portland Improv Experience Improv Actor; founding member
…After Time Author MTWTFSS
Finesse Author MTWTFSS
Radio VI Wrote/directed sketches for ‘Bob and Ray’ scenes Freeport Community Players
Making A Scene Written and Improvised by the cast. Portland Stage
Radio IV, V On the writing team Freeport Community Players

Special Skills

Able to create many impressions. Able to reproduce many accents and dialects throughout the world.
Filming and editing experience.
Proficient in French and Latin; can speak a little German; has studied Japanese, Old English, et al.; extensive European and American travel.
Proficient on piano, trumpet, acoustic guitar, electric bass, trumpet, and ukulele. Also sings Bass.
Extensive knowledge of Film, from all eras and areas. Extensive knowledge of old and current Radio drama/comedy.