Rachel Finnemore

Hair Color: Dk. Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 5’2″


Title Role Production Company
Wonders Faith (Lead) Abba’s Girl Productions
Hearts of New England Rebbeca (Supporting) Maine Event Films.
Cousins Rachel (Lead) Abba’s Girl Productions
Lond Distance in Today’s World Cassie Megan Haught Spiritas


Title Role Production Company
Maine General Pregnant Woman Garrand Partners
Rock Row Mother Shopping Knack Factory


Title Role Production Company
The Happy Prince Boy’s Mother Some Theater Company
The Nightingale and the Prince Nightingale STC
The Selfish Giant Bird STC
The Devoted Friend Miller’s Wife STC
The Remarkable Rocket The Remarkable Rocket STC
Nativity Mary Haiti Fundraiser

Special Skills

Race walking, Running, Javelin, Hyper-flexible shoulders, Ice Skating, Volleyball, Personal Trainer