Ty Gowen

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 130 lbs


Haunt ME-Webseries Lead Investigator/Cast Member Haunt ME Productions
Ty Tuesday – Webseries Host Haunt ME Productions
Rogue Mysteries Investigator Amazon
Bullet Eater – War of the Old Gods Thomas “The Sacrifice” Bonfire Films
Charity Tortured Elf Big Damn Heroes
Downsize Office Worker Big Damn Heroes
The Professionals (Pilot) Gary Knight St Media
Justice League The Flash University of New England
Final Fantasy Equinox Air Urban Parasol Productions


Prime Auto Truck Driver WCSH 6
Berlin City Auto Love-struck car buyer Patra Company
Oxford Casino Winning Patron Oxford Casino
Bonney Staffing Training Video Office Worker Bonney Staffing

Music Video

Moon on the Wall Robot Urban Parasol


The Cleansed Fighter Pilot Final Rune
Locke and Key Paul (Student) Final Rune/Audible

Special Skills

Writing, Directing.

Behind the scenes production work, including costuming, prop making, and location scouting