Colin Prato

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 160 lbs


To Sail Against the Wind Miles (lead) Quinn Holmes Productions
World’s Greatest Cemeteries Eulogy Reader (day player) Celestial Media (Dir. Roberto Mighty)
Half-Staff Summer (Upcoming) Dylan (lead) Katherine Whalen (Dir.), Rianne Pyle
and Kirsty O’Donnell (prods.)
Hidden Drake Stecken (supporting) Alexandra Bernardo and Kayle Waterhouse –
Connecticut College


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Rosencrantz Seven Stages Shakespeare Company
(Dir. Dan Beaulieu)
Ragtime ENS/Younger Brother U/S Seacoast Repertory Theater
(Dir. Ben Hart/Brandon James)
A Christmas Carol (Menken) Mr. Smythe/ENS/Male Swing Seacoast Repertory Theater (Dir. Alyssa Dumas)
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Christopher Boone Hackmatack Playhouse (Dir. Danielle Howard)
Othello Montano/Messenger Seven Stages Shakespeare Company
(Dir. Alex Hernandez)
Peter and the Starcatcher Prentiss Hackmatack Playhouse (Dir. Crystal Lisbon)
The Odyssey Odysseus/Cyclops U. New Hampshire (Dir. David Richman
and Rachel Bergeron)
John and Jen John Mask and Dagger Dramatic Society (Dir. Molly Fenn)
Dancing at Lughnasa Father Jack U. New Hampshire (Dir. Aimee Blesing)
Heathers Ram Mask and Dagger Dramatic Society
(Dir. Ellie Langthorne)
Pericles, Prince of Tyre Lysimachus U. New Hampshire (Dir. Deb Kinghorn)
Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play Scratchy/Chorus U. New Hampshire (Dir. David Kaye)
Assassins Leon Czolgosz Mask and Dagger Dramatic Society
(Dir. Amanda Giglio)
Shrek The Musical ENS U. New Hampshire (Dir. Raina Ames)
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson ENS U. New Hampshire (Dir. David Kaye)


Voice Eric Winter (1 year), Scott
Wheatley (3 years),
Movement Deb Kinghorn (Lessac – 1 year),
David Kaye (Laban – 1 semester)
Acting Betsy Puelle, Aimee Blesing,
David Kaye (Meisner – 1 year)
AP Music Theory class Rick Dustin, sophomore year,
Yarmouth High School

Special Skills

Improv comedy, Impressions (TV, stand-ups, Stage Combat (fight captain experience), Music Theory, sight-singing, drums/percussion, bass guitar, ukulele, beat-boxing, flexibility (can put a leg behind head)

Languages: Spanish (advanced)

Dialects: English (Standard, West Country, Cockney), Irish (Donegal)