Heather Elizabeth Irish

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5’2″


Pack of Lies Thelma Brian Allen, Good Theater
A Christmas Carol Belle Christopher Schario, Public Theater
The Mousetrap Mollie John Blancette, Lyric Music Theater
King Lear Regan Theater at Monmouth (Tour)
Aesop’s Fables Ensemble Theater at Monmouth (Tour)
An Inspector Calls Edna Brian Allen, Good Theater
Peter and the Starcatcher Alf Dawn McAndrews, Theater at Monmouth
Three Sisters Natasha Tess Van Horn, Fenix Theatre
The Tempest Trinculo/Gonzalo Theater at Monmouth (Tour)
Blasted Cate Lindsey Higgins, 60 Grit Theatre
Richard II Queen Portland Shakespeare Company
Romeo and Juliet Juliet, Tybalt Portland Stage Director’s Lab
Dolpinephelia Margaret Howe PortFringe
Julius Caesar Casca Portland Stage Bare Bard
Twelfth Night Maria, Antonia Theater at Monmouth (Tour)
Romeo and Juliet Chorus Fenix Theatre
f We Were Birds Philomela Lorem Ipsum/PSC Studio Rep
A Christmas Carol Martha Portland Stage Company


Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts Acting Shakespeare

Special Skills

Dialects: British (RP, Cockney), Irish, Russian, American Southern (Ozark)
Other: Juggling, Basic Tap, Pavane, Stage Combat (Single Sword, Hand-to-Hand), Belching