Malaika Uwamahoro

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 126 lbs

Top: M

Dress: M

Pants: M or 31×33

Shoe: 8.5


Notre Dame Du Nil Principal Dir. Atiq Rahimi
Loveless Generation Principal Dir. Thomas Petkovski/td>
Un Plan Parfait Principal Dir. Pascal Chaumeil
Opération Turquoise Principal Dir. Alain Tasma
Shake hands with the Devil Featured Dir. Roger Spottiswoode


Dance Africa Lead BAM, New York
Miracle In Rwanda Lead Theatre Row, New York
Cartography Lead The John F. Kennedy Center , D.C. New Victory Theatre, New York
Our Lady of Kibeho Supporting Signature Theater, New York
Bishop Supporting Fordham/Primary Stages, New York
Les Bruits des Os Qui Craquent Lead Theatre de Poche, Brussels, Bel- gium.Centre Culturel Français, Burundi & DRC. Ishyo Arts Cen- ter, Rwanda
Africa’s Hope Lead USC Bovard Theatre, Los Angeles,CA. G8 Summit, Scotland & Multi European tours

Solo Performances

Every Woman That Held Me, Moulded Me Forbes Women Africa, Durban South Africa
I Speak For A People United Nations/23rd Genocide Commemoration, New York
Africa 27th Summit for the African Union, Rwanda
Future Will I be a Legend African Union/50th Anniversary, Ethiopia

Special Skills

English, French, Kinyarwanda