Roe Pacheco

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 184lbs


The Folklorist Princess Cariboo Ep/French Lacemaker New Media/A. Harrer, Andrew Eldridge
The Girl in the Attic Miranda/Supporting Angelwood Pictures/Seth Chitwood
Nick’s Sci-FI Corner Ellen Ripley(spoof)/guest Channel 9 Dedham/Nick Iandolo
Motif Magazine Co-host/Take Two, Film Review show MoTiV/Michael Ryan, Motif Magazine


Wallies Gals Maxine/Lead Call It a Whim/Mary Ferrara
Above the Branches Mom/Featured Firebear Films/Matt Kravitsky
Escape 2120 Dr. Sally Rupert/Supporting Vireo Productions/Brian Bennett, Dir.
One Detective Mae Hayden/Supporting Dibacco Films/Ralph DiBacco, Dir.
Irrational Man Woman in Park/featured Sony Pictures/Woody Allen, Dir.
Blood Pi Kathy/Day/Supporting Lock it Down Productions/Jordan Pacheco, Dir.
Device Lead Psychologist/Supporting Providence Lyceum/Karen & Michael Iacobbo, Dir.
Unveiling Foster Mom/Featured Rocco Films/William DeVogue, Dir.
Accidental Incest Receptionist/Supporting Scorpio Films Releasing/Richard Marr-Griffin, Dir.
Collected Souls Ms. Eugenica/Supporting Providence Lyceum/Karen & Richard Iacobbo, Dir.
This Time Each Year Nancy/ Supporting Bryan Casey Films/Bryan Casey/ Dir.
Dark Light of Day Stella/Supporting Rosemary Pacheco/Raz Cunningham, Dir.
Fairfield Follies Melissa/Supporting Peppered Productions/Laura Pepper, Dir.


Actors Green Room, Media Performance at Boston Casting, CP Casting Various on-camera and Audition technique classes
Scene Study Brian Dennehy Master Class at Tennessee Williams Theatre, Carolyn Pickman, Tim Hillman, Carlton Collyer, Ted Liss
Improv Viola Spolin Technique, Aretha Sills, Providence Improv Guild (P.I.G.), Contemporary Theatre Company
Body Training Alessio Cappelletti
Voice Over Kim Wilson
Simulated Firearms/Detective Training, Basic CPG-CP Training/Security

Special Skills

Boston/New England, NY, Southern, Midwestern, British, Italian & Irish accents; Makeup – beauty and bruise, set styling, photo styling, professional floral designer, DIY/upcycling & crafting, color and design, illustration (watercolor/color pencil/acrylic), fashion illustration.