Kirsten Bornkessel

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 126 lbs


Infectious Prelude Sarah Brochier 9 Image Productions
Heaven and Hell Political Spectator Richard Chandler
Documentary Self Comfort Food Films


Fetch with Ruff Ruffman Season 2 Guest Appearance WGBH Boston
Discovery Channel Girl playing Boston


Wizard of Oz Dorothy Leddy Center, NH
Annie Molly Leddy Center, NH
Night at the Museum Lizzie Borden Middle School Play
Peter Pan Peter Pan School Play
A Christmas Carol Martha Cratchit Leddy Center, NH
A Christmas Carol Belle’s Child/Want Palace Theater, NH
A Christmas Carol Sarah Cratchit Leddy Center, NH


Acting for Film/TV/Commercial Ashley Skomurski Slate Casting
Acting for Disney/Nick Chamber Stevens Boston Casting
Acting for Film/TV Bethany Constance Boston Casting
Acting for Film/TV workshop Angela Peri Boston Casting

Special Skills

Miss Bedford’s Outstanding Teen 2018

Hip Hop, Ballet Dance – New Hampshire Academy Performing Arts (5 years)
Tap, Jazz, Ballet – Dance Renee’s Dance Dimensions (5 years)
Voice – Scott Richardson, Music Ball
Dancing, singing, piano, tennis, skiing, basketball, softball, swimming, cross country, track, writing.